Coast Roofing – Years of Trouble-Free Roof Life

When it comes to Hot Asphalt Roofing today, Coast Roofing IS the top Contractor. We specialize in Flat Hot Asphalt, Flat Rock, Cap Sheet & Torch-On Systems. Hot Asphalt, or “Built-Up Roofing,” utilizes numerous layers of fiberglass applied with Hot Asphalt over a base sheet. We use a heavy- duty metal edging that is Custom-Made for each Roof in addition to Customized Metal Flashing.

The dazzling end result of this process is a thick, Seamless Roof that will last for years. The Rooftop can be finished off with a layer of Gravel embedded in Hot Asphalt. This Gravel Finish has several advantages:

  • The gravel roof can sustain high winds.
  • The gravel adds thickness and years of trouble·free life to the roof .
  • An assortment of color choices for a stunning roof.

Hot Asphalt Roof
The Hot Asphalt Roofing System has been around for many years. We at Coast Roofing have combined our expertise to perfect our innovative techniques, techniques which are now practiced to the letter by all of our employees. Choose Coast Roofing for our proprietary Hot Asphalt and Gravel Roofing System would be a great solution for your next low-slope Roofing Project.


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“Jeff over at Coast Roofing really knows his stuff. When his guys came out they went over all of my roofing needs, and let me know how best to save money. I was extremely happy with the job when it was finished!”
T. Jeffries, Laguna Hills