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Fire-Retardant Wood Shakes / Shingles are pressure-treated with fire retardant that is injected into the wood and locked into it’s fibers. This ensures that the material remains fire-resistant for the lifetime of the Roof. The Roofing System may the qualify for a “Class A’ Fire Rating.

Wood Roof
Roofing Shakes are split on one side and sawn on the other, giving them a rough, textured look. Wood shingles, on the other hand, are machine sawn on both sides…giving them a smoother, thinner appearance. Typically, both Wooden Roofing Shingles and Wood Shakes are made from Red Cedar. Remember – Coast Roofing IS your local Fire-Retardant Wood Roofing Specialist. Contact Us to learn more.


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“Jeff over at Coast Roofing really knows his stuff. When his guys came out they went over all of my roofing needs, and let me know how best to save money. I was extremely happy with the job when it was finished!”
T. Jeffries, Laguna Hills