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Most property owners will deal with the effects of termite damage or dry-rot at some point during their home ownership. Roof Repairs can become expensive when damages occur at the eaves, including shiplap, rafters, fascia, plywood, etc. It is important for homeowners to be informed when seeking contractors for the damage repair.

Termite companies will often replace damaged wood, but it is not always cost-effective and they often overlook the root issue causing the damage. Too often Damaged or rotted fascia/shiplap/etc. is affected by the problem but not necessarily solved by the termite company woodwork. If the Roof Problem is not identified and the Roof Repaired after the termite work is done, you may have structural instability which will force you to repeat the process all over again. The cost of this is too high to take chances.

Dry Rot
Coast Roofing takes a careful approach to address not only the termite damage or dry-rot, but the entire Roof System as well. We carefully Inspect the Roof for Poor Tar Paper, Cracked Roof Tiles, Defective / Leaking Roof Flashing, and any other potential causes for further Roof Damage.

Have your termite company identify and solve your termite problems, and have Coast Roofing’s Expert Roofers and Carpenters replace your Fascia, Rafters, Shiplap, Plywood, Shingles, etc. to ensure that your Roof System is working properly and that your Roof Repair will add lifetime and value to your home.


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“Jeff over at Coast Roofing really knows his stuff. When his guys came out they went over all of my roofing needs, and let me know how best to save money. I was extremely happy with the job when it was finished!”
T. Jeffries, Laguna Hills