Coast Roofing works diligently to deliver the quality, reliable roofing services in Whittier, CA that you deserve. We specialize in residential, commercial and industrial roof repairs and installation. We can also help with the maintenance side of things to keep your roof in good condition. The better you take care of your roof today, the longer it will last you in the future.

Signs Your Roof Needs Attention

Is it possible that your roof could use some TLC but you’re not certain? Sometimes, it’s obvious when a roof needs to be looked at by a professional, but other times, you may not be sure what’s up there. Aside from having a Whittier CA roofing technician come out for a consultation, here are some signs to look for.


Take a look at your ceiling and pay attention to any dark streaks you see. This may indicate that water is leaking from your roof.


If a tree fell on your roof during a storm and left a small puncture, have this addressed by a roofing company Whittier CA right away. Otherwise, water can seep through.


When moisture gets trapped between your shingles during the manufacturing process, it can lead to blistering in hot temps. Blistering can also be caused by poor ventilation.

Age and Neighbors

On average, roofs last 25-30 years. If your roof is this old, or you find that your neighbors are replacing theirs, chances are your structure needs attention.

Why Choose Our Whittier Roofing Company

At Coast Roofing, we are here to serve your needs. Whether you need a spot repair, full replacement or annual maintenance, our contractors will exceed your expectations. As a locally owned company, we feel that our clients are our neighbors and friends, and we care just as much about their properties as they do!

Our roofing company in Whittier CA offers the following:

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Prompt service and attention
  • Wide range of quality materials
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured
  • Competitive prices

We look forward to working on your roof and providing you with the superior service you deserve.